Success, Motivation, and Choices

Act No Matter What: If you’re going to wait around for the perfect time to act, you’ll be waiting forever. You cannot depend on always feeling motivated to do something, even when it’s something you deeply care about. Force yourself to take action, even on days that you’re feeling lazy, and it will seriously pay off.

Try to Help Others: Humans are social beings. We need connection. Providing and giving value to those around you will help you build stronger social ties that you can fall back on during hard times. Helping other people can also inspire us to stay on our personal path toward success. Instead of asking what you can get from any social interaction you’re having, ask yourself what you can give. Success is not something selfish, but something only meaningful when it’s shared.

The Misconception About Self-Discipline

There’s a common belief about self-discipline being restrictive, tough, harsh, or limiting, but this is far from true. Self-discipline is about inner strength, knowing yourself, and having control. This valuable trait will allow you to follow through on your decisions, stick to your path, and accomplish amazing feats in life.

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