Early Signs of Kidney Disease Everyone Should Know

The recommendation comes from a 23-year study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The study found that people who frequently consumed red meat and processed meats like cold cuts had a 22% higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease, while high consumption of nuts and legumes led to 9% lower risk. People who frequently consumed low-fat dairy products were 16% less likely to develop chronic kidney disease.
This easy-to-follow diet can be a literal life-saver. It is also rather tasty. A sample menu includes an English muffin topped with scrambled egg white, cheese, and tomato with skim milk and tropical fruit salad for breakfast; snow pea and orzo salad with roasted pork loin and a wilted garden salad for lunch; and pasta bolognese with garlic green beans, baked potato, and a whole grain roll for dinner.


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