8 Causes of Anxiety & Depression That We Often Overlook

2. Sleep Apnea:

You might not have heard about this condition. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which a person’s breathing interrupts while sleeping. According to Research, people who suffer from sleep apnea are more prone to anxiety and depression.

Sleep apnea is of two types, obstructive and central sleep. However, in obstructive apnea, the throat tissues got collapse and cause airway blocking. Similarly, in central sleep apnea, brain every time forget to tell the body to take a breath. You always consult your doctor if you feel anything like this.

3. Toxic Mold Exposure:

Are you living in a place where you often get in contact with indoor molds? If so, then you are more likely to get ADHD disorder, can feel fatigue and various types of infections as well. However, if you are sure that you have exposure to molds, then please contact your physician at earliest. You might suffer from mold toxicity disorder.

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