7 Secrets Nail Salons Won’t Tell You

5.Not all tools can be ster

ilized For instance, autoclave kills 100% of bacteria and viruses thereby sterilizing tools. However, this sterilizer is only effective on metal tools. Other nail repair tools such as nail buffers, emery boards, toe separators, and pumice stones, needs to be used only once. However, most salons don’t do this. You may find white residue on a nail file, which shows that it was used on someone else. Again, carry your own tools.


6.Footbaths are not good Even if you disinfect, footbaths are stubborn to clean as bacteria hides in almost every crevice. Dirty footbaths can cause rashes and boils. Most nail salons don’t take time to clean their footbaths instruments thoroughly and can easily get away with any claims because infections often take time to develop. Therefore, avoid footbaths if possible.

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