7 Secrets Nail Salons Won’t Tell You

After a long stressful week, any woman wants to get some pampering and rel.ation, and two things that help one to relac include getting a manicure and a pedicure. This explains why many nail care centers and salons have been popping up lately. However, there are some secrets these salons and beautician hide from you to keep their business flourishing. Today, we will expose 7 nail care secrets that your best waxing salon hides from you;

1.There is a high risk of getting infected The author of “Death by Pedicure,” Dr Robert Spalding claims that close to 1 million clients who go to salon walk out with viral, fungal, or bacterial infections. This is caused by failure by salons to follow disinfection protocols set by their states. This includes keeping their instruments sterilized or turning away customers with fungal infections and people whose immune system is compromised by chronic diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. To avoid this problem, carry your own instruments when going to any healthy nail spa.

2.They deceive customers by swapping bottles and diluting lotions Many unscrupulous nail care experts and beauticians refill popular, pricey lotion bottles with generic ones to deceive customers. You may think that they are using high-end, genuine products on your manicures but they are deceiving you Also, others dilute old nail polishes thereby compromising their quality. Again, to circumvent this problem, carry your own nail polish with you

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