40 Super Weird But Actually Clever Beauty Hacks That Actually Work Like A Charm

Maintaining a healthy body is really hard work, especially as you age. And, let’s face it, we all get more wrinkles and blotchier skin each year. In order to minimize signs of aging, you might try applying more makeup and other beauty products to help you look younger. This beauty routine can begin to take a toll, because it can take a long time to go apply so many beauty products.

While we all try to make the makeup-applying process as short as possible, it’s pretty hard to cut corners. To make matters worse, no matter what you do, certain problems, such as chapped skin, sagging body parts, and unmanageable hair, might make this task take even longer.

Luckily, there are some amazing hacks that can make this often-drawn-out process easier. These hacks can help you more easily beautify your looks while simplifying your daily makeup ritual, often saving you valuable time in the process.

1) Cheap Glam Glow

For a cheap glam glow look, use cream or dry oil on your cheeks for a similar affect. Apply the dry oil cream to your cheekbones, making sure not to overdo it. If needed, dab away excess product using a tissue.

2) Toothbrush and Hairspray Flyaway Hack

To easily tame pesky flyaways, apply hair spray and use a toothbrush to work the hair back into place. The toothbrush is small enough to allow you to manage single strands easily, while the hairspray helps to keep the hair in place once you are done.

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