30 Hacks That Make Doing Dishes Easier

Prepare to lighten your load.

Of all the chores, doing the dishes might be the most thankless. According to one study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, women who found themselves responsible for most of their home’s dishwashing duties were actually less satisfied with their relationships as a whole and fought more with their partner, compared to those with a more equitable balance. What’s more, washing dishes is the single chore associated most closely tied to relationship woes. In other words, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make dishwashing as easy as possible.

So, how can you lighten the load in the kitchen? Easy. With these effortless hacks, you can get every dish spotless in no time at all.

1 Use vinegar to get out tough pan stains

A little bit of vinegar can go a long way when it comes to getting tough stains out of your cookware. “If you have a stain on the bottom of a pan, boiling vinegar will remove it,” says Mat Franken, CEO at natural cleaning supply company Aunt Fannie’s.

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