30 Easy Home Hacks That Will Transform Your Life

Save time, spare your sanity.

Whether you rent or own, odds are maintaining your home takes up a significant portion of your time on a daily basis. In fact, taking care of a home, from cleaning to cooking to maintenance, takes the average American an average of 111 minutes—or nearly two hours—every single day. Perhaps more shocking yet is the cost of outsourcing these tasks: according to a recent study from Bankrate, Americans will shell out $2,000 to have someone else tackles these onerous chores.

Fortunately, the solution to your household woes don’t have to include spending huge amounts of cash or time you don’t have to solve them.

1 Turn magazine holders into space-saving storage

If you’re looking to store anything from office supplies to cans, but hate the messy look of plastic bins, try using a magazine holder instead.

Wire mesh magazine holders are the perfect size to keep your smaller goods in order while making them easy to find. And for more easy ways to make your space seem larger.

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